Water Treatment

Water Treatment - Blue Moon Water & Geothermal

Blue Moon Water & Geothermal specializes in – you guessed it – water. We do all types of water treatment installation for home and commercial use. These range from RO systems, to softeners and filters, to bacteria sterilization. We also have an on-hand selection of the most common filters and maintenance chemicals. On request we are also able to order in less common filter sizes. If you water is causing you grief, we can help!

Testing Your Water

Blue Moon Water & Geothermal offers in-store water testing for presence of TDS (total dissolved solids), PH Levels, Iron Content, Manganese and Hardness. A water test will be required to determine what type of equipment you may need installed. All we need is a raw water sample (before any existing treatment) – approximately 500 mls.

We also have forms and containers in store for those wanting to do bacteria testing on their water. You will be required to submit your sample to the ALS Laboratory Group in Winnipeg.

Reverse Osmosis

Community/Commercial RO Systems


Vectapure 360


Vectapure NX


Water Softeners & Conditioners

Waterite Inc. Water Conditioners

Waterite Inc. Water Softeners

Fusion2 360 Softener and Conditioner

Fusion2 Water Softeners

Fusion2 Gemini Softener


Commercial Water Softener Control Valves

Iron Filters

Ziron Iron/H2S Filter


UV Sterilizers

Excelight UV Disinfection


Water Filters

Ultrafiltration Systems


Blue Moon Water & Geothermal also offers installation of Chemical Pumps, Sanitizers and Well Pumps. Please do not hesitate to contact us.